Dual Rotor Helical Scrap Choppers

Braner USA manufactures a full line of mill-duty Dual Rotor Helical Scrap Choppers with capacities up to 3/4" thick for use in Slitting Lines, CTL/Side-Trim/Multi-Blank Lines, and Continuous Strip Processing Lines.

The Braner USA Helical Scrap Chopper is comprised of two (2) Chopper "heads" (one for the inboard scrap and one for the outboard scrap) supported on a fabricated steel base with each head laterally adjustable to align with the scrap trim. Each Chopper head contains upper and lower forged steel rotors fitted with multiple "helical" scrap cutters arranged around the rotor periphery. The upper and lower rotors are geared together and driven by a DC motor synchronized with the processing line speed. As scrap trim is generated, the trim is directed between the upper and lower rotors where the scrap is slit from edge to edge by the helical cutters as the rotors turn. Compared to ordinary "lawnmower" choppers with a single rotor and rectangular blades, the Braner USA Dual Rotor Helical Chopper generates significantly less vibration and noise.

Entry End View

Discharge End View (one chute open for servicing)

Upper and lower rotors w/ helical cutters

3/4" Scrap Chopper

1/2" Scrap Chopper

1/4" Slitter w/ Chopper


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