Servo Traverse Coil Winding Systems

Servo Traverse Coil Winding Systems are designed to produce large traverse (oscillate) wound coils from multiple ribbon wound slit coils. Narrow ribbon wound coils are traversed back and forth along the length of a rewind mandrel as the coil is rewound, thereby producing a much wider but smaller OD coil from the ribbon coil. During the process, many ribbon coils are butt-welded together to produce a large traverse wound coil with as much as ten times the linear strip footage as any single ribbon wound coil. Stamping and roll forming lines fed with traverse wound coils can run non-stop up to ten times longer than with ribbon coils.

Braner USA Traverse Winding Systems employ microprocessor controlled servo systems to produce traverse wound coils. Overall traverse wound coil width, slit strip width, helix pitch, and gap between strips are operator input parameters used to generate a traverse wound coil.

Traverse Coil Winding Systems are commonly equipped with edge conditioning equipment such as "skiving" and "edge rolling" for the production of de-burred or round edge strip.

.015" - .098" x 3/8" - 1 1/2" x 1,000 FPM
4,000# x 16" Wide x 40" OD Stainless Coils

.028" - .052" x 3/8" - 3/4" x 1,500 FPM
6,000# x 21" Wide x 60" OD Coils

.010" - .075" x 1/4" - 1" x 1,000 FPM
4,000# x 12" Wide x 40" OD Stainless Coils

Traverse wound coil


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