Pacific Toll Processing Opens New Coil Processing Center

Los Angeles, CA - Pacific Toll Processing, Inc. (PTP), announced the opening of the nation's newest toll coil-processing center in Carson, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles. The new coil-processing center will provide surface inspection, precision slitting and side trimming, and jumbo coil break-down services for quality driven automotive, appliance, building products, and steel service center operations throughout Southern California and the Southwestern United States. The PTP coil-processing center is designed to receive and ship jumbo coils by both rail and truck, and is equipped with the region's largest coil slitting and inspection line.

Three Operation Modes: The PTP line is able to process coils in three operating modes: tight-line, single-loop, and double-loop. Surface inspection of full width coils, high-speed side trimming, coil OD break down, and heavier gauge slitting is most efficiently accomplished in the "tight-line" mode. Slitting non-critical surface cold rolled in light and medium gauges is most efficiently accomplished in the "single-loop" mode. The "double-loop" mode is employed for slitting light gauge surface critical coated coil as that mode eliminates entry coil tension, which prevents slitter knives and rubbers from "skidding" on the strip and causing undesirable marking.

High Pass Line: The new PTP line features the latest "high pass line" equipment arrangement, which positions the entry equipment, slitter, scrap handling, and tensioning elements above the coil OD where the strip is carried "over" pass line rolls rather than at table height where the strip is deflected "under" pass line rolls. With the high pass line arrangement, the strip is never "reverse bent" under tension so pass line roll induced "cross-breaks" are non-existent. As all pass line/deflector rolls are positioned "under" the strip, not above, surface scuffing is eliminated. Additional high pass line benefits include: shorter overall line length, faster coil threading, and straighter side wall coils.

Top and Bottom Payoff: The line is designed with the ability to unwind coils from either the top or the bottom, which allows PTP to rewind coils with the critical surface side "in" or "out" as its customers require.

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