Cluster Leveler

High Speed Shear

The Cluster Leveler is a patented roller leveler designed to correct shape defects (such as wavy edges and center buckle) in coil slitting lines and special coil-to-coil processing lines. The Cluster Leveler corrects strip shape defects in exactly the same manner that strip shape is corrected in any common backed-up "roll bend" leveler. The Cluster Leveler utilizes independently positioned back-up flights to bend the work rolls, thereby causing specific portions of a strip to elongate as it passes through the offset work rolls.

Where the Cluster Leveler departs from the common leveler is the work roll size. The common leveler contains multiple offset work rolls of identical diameters - therefore, it is restricted to a narrow gauge range wherein its fixed roll centers can bend the material to its yield radius. The Cluster Leveler contains multiple roll diameters housed in "clusters." The ability to use a variety of work roll sizes that range from 3" down to 1.250" allows the Cluster Leveler to process a gauge range perfect for Slitting Lines. A PC computer automatically sets the proper cluster in a position and sets the work roll gap, eliminating time-consuming set up.


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