Programmable Downender

High Speed Shear

The Programmable Downender is designed to automatically retrieve slit coils from the Exit Coil Storage Horn one at a time, and downlay those coils 90 degrees onto conveyor rolls. The Downender is mounted on embedded rails and travels out to, and along, the Horn load arm to the slit coils. A retractable arbor in the Downender pivoting conveyor frame extends to the width of the coil, and lifts the coil off the load arm. With the coil supported on the arbor, the downender travels back to the starting point, and the pivoting conveyor frame pivots 90 degrees, downlaying the coil onto conveyor rolls. The arbor retracts and the rollers discharge the coil. The sequence is fully automatic. An operator inputs the width of the slit coils into the PLC controller.


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