Servo-Feed w/ DC Shear

High Speed Shear


 Watch this Multi-Blanking Line produce a 6-strip multi-blank pattern at a rate of nearly 70-cycles per minute.  6-strips x 70-cycles/minute = 420 flat precision blanks per minute!  0.002" width tolerance, 0.005" length tolerance, un-matched productivity, and bullet-proof reliability is what you expect from a Braner/Loopco Cut-to-Length/Multi-Blanking Line. 

 Our CTL/Multi-Blanking Lines combine the benefits of a digital microprocessor AC Servo Feed with a continuous-stroke variable-speed DC motor driven bow-tie Shear to provide the productivity and 24/7 reliability that coil processors want and need.  There is no need to tolerate low-productivity and "fix or repair daily" maintenance headaches in order to produce close-tolerance blanks. 

 Take another look.  6-strips x 70-cycles/minute, close width and length tolerances, plus Braner/Loopco reliability.  The choice is truly a "no-brainer".   


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