Non-Marking Strip Tensioner for Surface-Critical Strip

High Speed Shear

Coil processors that slit surface-critical stainless, aluminum, brass & copper, galvanized, and pre-painted coil for exposed automotive, appliance, office furniture, building and architectural product applications need a slit strip tensioner that will cause no damage to top and bottom strip surfaces. A Braner/Loopco Non-Marking Roll Tensioner will generate enormous strip tension and produce tightly-wound straight-wall slit coils with no strip surface damage.

The Strip Tensioner shown in this video is dual-purpose unit equipped with a Pneumatic Drag Pad Tensioner for processing non-critical materials, and Non-Marking Roll Tensioner for processing surface-critical materials. The coil being processed is a .011" surface-critical tinplate coil being slit into 8-strips that range from 1" to 12" wide.

Notice that the drag pad is wide-open and is not touching the strips. The Non-Marking Roll Tensioner is generating 100% of the strip tension. All the slit coils are straight-wall tight coils.


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