Precision Electronic Servo Feed

High Speed Shear

The "Precision Electronic Servo Feed" produces single sheets and multi-blanks to precise tolerances at high cyclic rates. The Servo Feed system utilizes high traction non-marking feed rolls to feed and meter the strips from the free loop into the shear. Low inertia feed rolls are accelerated, decelerated, and positioned by a precision electronic servo drive. Adjustable acceleration and deceleration rates allow for the processing of a wide variety of parts and sizes. Utilizing advanced computer-microprocessor motion control electronics, the Precision Servo Feed is user friendly, allows for quick keypad set-up, offers exceptional reliability, requires minimal maintenance, and is capable of metering feed lengths to precision tolerances.

Because the Precision Servo Feed moves in only one direction, forward, it is capable of extremely high cyclic rates under low acceleration conditions. Servo feeds compare favorably with mechanical positive stop "reciprocating feeds" that require violent acceleration-deceleration rates in order to compensate for time lost traveling backwards for another bite. Smooth controlled acceleration allows the strip to be fed, without slippage, with minimal feed roll pressure reducing the possibility of strip marking related to excessive gripping force. Violent acceleration induced shock loads that lead to excessive and costly maintenance and repairs are eliminated.


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