Macsteel Service Centers USA Installs Multi-Blanking Line

Greenville, SC - Macsteel Service Centers USA has installed a high-performance Braner/Loopco "Cassette" Leveler Servo Feed Cut-to-Length/Multi-Blanking Line in its Greenville, SC metal distribution facility. The new line converts 60,000# x 72" wide carbon steel, stainless, and aluminum coil in gauges from .019" through .250" into laser quality close-tolerance flat sheets and precision blanks. Macsteel's new Multi-Blanking Line is equipped with a Computer Controlled Hydraulic Cassette Leveler, Precision AC Servo-Feed, and a variable speed DC Shear capable of producing close-tolerance parts at production rates exceeding 80-strokes/minute.

60,000# x 72" x .250"/.019" Hi-Performance Cassette Leveler-Servo-Feed-DC Shear CTL/Multi-Blank Line.

Entry Table efficiently threads coils from the Uncoiler into the Cassette Leveler. Pushbutton adjusted Side Guides present the strip on the Leveler centerline. A Hydraulic Guillotine Shear crops heads and tails from the master coil and deposits the scrap into a Scrap Cart.

Hydraulic Cassette Leveler: A "Cassette" Leveler allows Macsteel to produce panel-flat, laser quality parts throughout a wide gauge and product range. Microprocessor-controlled hydraulic work roll positioning cylinders are housed within the massive 4-post Leveler frame into which quick-change Cassettes are installed. The exchangeable Cassettes contain all the working Leveler parts . . . work rolls, back-up flights, and universal drive shafts, in a common Cassette housing. Cassettes are powered, both in and out of the Leveler frame, by pushbutton. Cassette back-up flights are automatically aligned with the hydraulic back-up cylinders, and the work roll drive shafts are automatically engaged with the Leveler gear drive as the Cassette is installed. A microprocessor control automatically accomplishes initial Leveler set-up based upon operator entered coil mechanical properties. The Braner/Loopco Cassette Leveler employs hydraulic cylinders (rather than motors, gear reducers, sliding wedges, and jack screws) to accomplish Leveler adjustments. Hydraulic cylinders installed at the entry and exit ends of each back-up flight are independently adjustable. Precision electronic linear transducers are utilized for cylinder positioning. Adjusting the entry end and exit end cylinder elevations causes the work rolls to be "tilted," front-to-back, for coil-set correction. Adjusting cylinder elevations from side-to-side accomplishes "roll-bend" for precise edge-wave and center-buckle shape correction. Hydraulic Leveler benefits include: Elimination of mechanical screw-wedge maintenance; Automatic Leveler set-up; Order set-up parameters from computer memory; and Automatic Leveler calibration.

Precision Microprocessor Controlled Hydraulic Cassette Leveler.

Macsteel's Hydraulic Cassette Leveler employs a 3.000" x 17-roll x 5-Hi Cassette for leveling .250"-.060" gauges, and a 1.500" x 17-roll x 5-Hi Cassette for .075"-.019" gauges. 5-Hi Cassettes allow Macsteel to corrective level surface critical cold rolled carbon steel, stainless, and aluminum coil to laser quality flatness. Cassettes are stored on a 2-Cassette Injector Car that indexes and exchanges Cassettes in about 2-minutes. A Power Cassette Maintenance Opener "opens" a Cassette like a book to expose work rolls, back-up bearings, and universals for periodic cleaning and maintenance.

1.500" x 17-Roll x 7-Adjustable Flight x 5-Hi Cassette Produces Laser Quality Flat Strip.

Macsteel's Cassette Leveler is equipped with 3.000" x 5-Hi and 1.500" x 5-Hi Cassettes that exchange in 2-minutes. A Cassette not in use is stored on a Power Injector Car equipped with a Power Cassette Opener that opens the Cassette like a book for quick and easy maintenance.

Pushbutton Tooling Lock Turret Head™ Slitter: Precision multi-blank slitting to 0.002" tolerance is accomplished by a quick-change pushbutton tooling lock-up 2-head Turret Head™ Sitter. Tooling set-ups are made in 15-minutes, while the line is running, which virtually eliminates lost production down-time related to slitter re-tooling. Slitter head change time is 2-minutes. Reliability is "bullet-proof".

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