California Steel & Tube Installs Turret Head™ Slitting Line

Turret Head™ Slitter: A 2-head quick-change Turret Head™ Slitter produces precise tolerance slit strips with minimum burr throughout the enitre range of gauges and mechanical properties. Turret Slitter arbors are supported in precision machine tool quality tapered roller bearings installed in massive stress-relieved and precision ground solid steel housings. The rotatable Turret housing is mounted on a high-capacity ring bearing, and the hydraulic syiinder positioned outboard arbor housing travels on zero-maintenance precision machine tool bearing slides. Large aluminum-bronze blocks secure the vertically adjustable upper arbor bearing boxes and allow "zero" axial arbor movement.

Huge upper arbor bearing boxes are vertically positioned by motorized anti-backlash screw jacks with electronic encoder digital position readouts that allow fast and precise vertical knife clearance aadjustment. Because the exchangeable Slitter heads are never detached, shuttled, or disassembled, the Turret Head™ design is more rigid and precise than any other multi-head Slitter. In addition, access to the set-up arbors is free and clear with no obstructions so re-tooling for the next order can be accomplished faster than with any other slitter. The Turret Head™ Slitter exchanges heads in less than 2-minutes.

Turret Head™ Slitters are more precise, set up faster, change heads quicker, and occupy less floor space than any other Slitter.

Strip Tensioning: California Steel & Tube's Slitting Line is equipped with a Tension Stand that generates high strip tension necessary to rewind tight straigh-wall slit coils, regardless of widths. Strip tension is variable and regulated from the main operator console. Entry strip separator tooling is installed on a lightweight aluminum alloy arbor that can be exchanged with a pre-tooled arbor in 60-seconds to process a new order. Tension Pads are also exchanged in 60-seconds.

Multiple strips are precisely guided from the free-loop into a Tension Stand that generates high strip tension for producing tightly wound straight-wall slit coils.

Overarm frame deflection and misalignment that results in coil side-wall scuffing and coil oscillation is eliminated by rigidly mounting the Overarm onto the Exit Unit housing. A quick-change "swing-out" Overarm arbor allows pre-tooled arbors to be exchanged in 2-minutes when changing to the next order. A Hydraulic Threading Funnel directs slit strips from the Exit Pass Line Roll into the Recoiler gripper bar during threading.

A high-torque 2-ratio Recoiler is equipped with a massive Recoiler drum manufactured from custom forged 2" thick segments hardened to Rc 58. A 3" diameter solid steel gripper bar grips slit strips against a heat-treated serrated steel anvil. The Recoiler drum is installed on the 14" diameter output shaft of a 1.2 service factor parallel shaft helical gear reducer. The result is the production of superb quality slit coils.

Quality, Performance, Bullet-Proof Reliability, know-how from building 600+ Slitting Lines, plus outstanding technical support made California Steel & Tube's decision to install a Braner/Loopco Turet Head™ Slitting Line over any other a "no-brainer".

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