ThyssenKrupp Materials NA Installs Stainless & Aluminum Slitter

Scrap Disposal: The ThyssenKrupp Slitter employs a pair of pushbutton unloading Scrap Winders. Scrap Winders are extremely reliable and require little maintenance. Scrap bundles discharged from the Winders are deposited onto a hinged steel belt conveyor that carries the bundles to a large scrap container.

A steel belt conveyor carries scrap bundles to a scrap container.

Surface-Critical Strip Tensioning: The ThyssenKrupp line employs two tensioning devices that develop strip tension necessary to produce tight straight-walled light gauge slit coils. A Pad Tensioner is employed for tensioning non-critical coil and the non-marking Roll Tensioner is employed for processing surface-critical coil. Quick-change entry strip separators guide the slit strips from the looping pit into the Tensioner. The Pad Tensioner is equipped with quick-change friction pads that can be exchanged with fresh pads in one-minute. The Roll Tensioner employs non-marking tension rolls with special roll covers to generate strip tension without surface marking. The tension rolls are equipped with variable tension control and a jog drive for strip threading.

Tension Pad and Non-Marking Tension Rolls can be employed in tandem or engaged independently.

Exit End Equipment: The Overarm Separator is rigidly mounted onto the Exit Unit frame to eliminate frame deflection and resulting misalignment that can cause coil side-wall scuffing and coil oscillation. A heat-treated swing-out tooling arbor allows Overarm tooling to be exchanged in 2-minutes. A "side-adjust" feature allows Overarm alignment to be adjusted while running. An Exit Shear is used to "split" coil ODs and square tail ends. A Feed Table that acts in concert with an Overarm mounted deflector plate forms a funnel to guide slit strips from the Exit Pass Line Roll to the Recoiler gripper bar. A Paper Interleaver can feed pre-cut paper into the rewinding slit coils.

Exit Unit supports the Exit Shear, Side Adjust Overarm, Pass Line Roll, and Paper Interleaver.

A swing-out Speed Load Overarm arbor allows for quick exchange of pre-tooled spearator arbors without lifting.

Patented One-minute 16"/20" Recoiler: A large parallel shaft helical gear reducer driven by a 250 HP DC motor powers the Recoiler. The 16" diameter rewind drum is manufactured from 2" thick heat-treated forged steel segments. Patented "Speed-Load" Recoiler Fillers change slit coil IDs from 16" to 20" in one-minute.

250 HP x 16" ID Recoiler with 20" One-Minute Speed-Load Fillers.

Wireless Coil Unloading Control: The Coil Unloading Car is equipped with a "wireless" operator control that allows the Car to be operated from a safe distance. Elimination of the common wire pendant control improves safety and reduces maintenance requirements.

Wireless Coil Car control allows Car operation from a safe distance.

Exceptional productivity, outstanding support and bullet-proof reliability made ThyssenKrupp's selection of a Braner/Loopco Turret Head™ Slitter a "no-brainer."

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