Amtex Steel Installs 60,000# x 72" x 1/4" Braner/Loopco Slitter

University Park, IL - Amtex Steel, Inc, a large flat rolled steel distributor and coil processor has installed a new high-production Braner/Loopco Single-Loop Turret Head™ Coil Slitting & Packaging Line in its University Park, IL coil processing facility. The new Slitting Line is capable of processing 60,000# x 72" wide hot rolled black, pickled, cold rolled and galvanized carbon steel coils in gauges from .015" through 1/4" at processing speeds to 1,000 FPM. The new high-production quick-change Turret Head™ Slitting Line joins Amtex Steel's cut-to-length, shearing, and strip edge conditioning capabilities, and expands Amtex Steel's capacity to service its customers with just-in-time delivery of high-quality, close-tolerance slit coil throughout a wide gauge and mechanical property range.

60,000# x 72" x 1/4" Single-Loop Turret Head™ Slitting Line.

The Slitting Line is equipped with Entry and Exit Coil Storage Turnstiles, Entry and Exit Coil Cars, Crop Shears, a 150 HP quick-change Turret Head™ Slitter, quick-change Tensioner, and a 250 HP x 2-ratio Recoiler.

60,000# coils are staged on an Entry Turnstile and loaded by Floor Level Coil Car.

Compact High Pass Line: The Amtex Slitting Line is an example of Braner/Loopco's high-production compact high pass line arrangement that positions the Uncoiler and Recoiler at floor level while the equipment between is elevated to match the largest coil OD. High pass line eliminates reverse-bending of the strip against the natural coil-set as the coil is threaded and processed. Because the strip is never reverse bent by force, strip threading is extremely fast and coil-breaks generated by reverse strip bending are eliminated. The high pass line design eliminates strip surface scuffing and scratching damage as all strip deflector rolls are located below the strip and do not touch the strip surface while running. Compact high pass provides fast coil threading, excellent coil tracking, and perfect coil side-wall build-up while occupying minimal floor space.

Entry Coil Prep Station: The Coil Peeler, Pinch Rolls, Automatic Edge Guide, Side Guides, Non-Contact Thickness Gauge, and Crop Shear are installed in close proximity on a common base immediately ahead of the Turret Head™ Slitter and close to the Uncoiler.

Coils are processed with no reverse strip bending against the natural coil-set, which eliminates equipment induced coil-breaks.

The unique Coil Prep Station design makes heavy and thin gauge coil threading fast and easy while providing excellent coil tracking at high processing speeds. Laser beam aided Uncoiler master coil alignment and electronic Side Guide position readouts reduce coil loading and threading time.

Unique Entry Coil Prep Station combines entry coil threading and guiding equipment into a single compact machine that speeds coil loading and threading.

Turret Head™ Slitter: A 9” arbor x 150 HP 2-head quick-change Turret Head™ Slitter produces precise width tolerance slit strips with minimum burr throughout the entire range of gauges and mechanical properties. The Slitter arbors are supported in precision machine tool quality bearings mounted in massive one-piece stress-relieved and precision ground solid steel housings that weigh nearly one-ton each.

Turret Head™ Slitter is precise and rugged with bullet-proof reliability.

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