Berlin Metals' New Ultra-Precision Slitter Slits 50 Cuts in .007"

Hammond, IN - Berlin Metals, LLC, a prime thin gauge ferrous and non-ferrous flat rolled coil distributor and coil processor has installed a new Ultra-Precision Double-Loop Turret Head™ Coil Slitting & Packaging Line in its Hammond, IN coil processing facility. The new Turret Head™ Slitting Line processes 40,000# x 60" wide cold rolled bare and coated carbon steel, tin & black plate, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel coil in gauges from .005" through .075" at processing speeds to 1,200 FPM. The new Ultra-Precision Slitting Line is Berlin Metals' second Turret Head™ Slitting Line.

40,000# x 60" Ultra-Precision Double-Loop Turret Head™ Slitting Line.

The Slitting Line has four (4) distinct operating modes; Double-Loop, Single-Loop, Tight-Line, & Push/Pull, and 400 line horsepower, which allows Berlin Metals to deliver the highest quality product in the most efficient manner.

Compact High Pass Line: Berlin Metals' Slitting Line is an example of Braner/Loopco's high-performance compact high pass line arrangement that locates the Uncoiler and Recoiler at floor level with the equipment between installed at the largest coil OD elevation. The high pass line arrangement eliminates coil breaks from reverse strip bending, eliminates strip surface damage from strip deflector rolls, and improves strip tracking. The compact arrangement conserves floor space, allows quick and efficient coil threading, and produces tight straight side-wall slit coils.

Double-Loop Slitting Line Entry.

Entry End: An Entry Turnstile stages four 40,000# x 60" wide x 72" OD master coils ahead of the Slitting Line. Master coil IDs can range from 16" through 24". A Floor Level Coil Car with wireless control transports and loads coils onto a DC motor loop-control/pull-off Uncoiler. A Telescoping Peeler, Non-Marking Pinch Rolls, Side Guides, and Entry Shear thread and guide the coil to the Slitter. A non-contact hydraulic servo Edge Guide maintains coil alignment while running.

Ultra-Precision Turret Head™ Slitter: A 2-head quick-change Turret Head Slitter produces precise tolerance slit strips with minimum burr throughout the entire range of gauges and mechanical properties. Turret Slitter arbors are supported in precision machine tool quality bearings mounted in massive one-piece stress-relieved and precision ground solid steel bearing housings. The rotatable Turret is mounted on a 300,000# capacity ring bearing, and the hydraulic cylinder positioned outboard arbor housing travels on zero-maintenance precision machine tool anti-friction bearing slides.

Heavy aluminum-bronze blocks secure the vertically adjustable upper arbor bearing boxes and allow for zero axial arbor movement. Huge upper arbor bearing boxes are vertically positioned by motorized anti-backlash screw jacks with electronic encoder digital position readouts that provide precise quick vertical knife clearance adjustment. Because the exchangeable Slitter heads are never detached, shuttled, or disassembled, the Turret Headô design is more rigid and precise than any other multi-head Slitter design. Access to the set-up arbors is unobstructed by frames and housings so re-tooling is accomplished faster than with any other slitter. A Turret Head™ Slitter exchanges heads in less than 2-minutes.

Turret Head™ Slitters offer quick tooling set-up, quick head change, and precise knife clearances.

Strip surface inspection is accomplished at the Slitter Inspection Table.

Pushbutton Tooling Lock-up: Slitter tooling is locked onto the arbors by a pushbutton engaged hydraulic lock-up system. Threaded arbor nuts are eliminated. Pushbutton Tooling Lock-Up eliminates thread, grease fitting, and grease gun maintenance, and improves productivity.

Strip Tensioning: Berlin Metals' Slitting Line is equipped with dual tensioning devices. A Pneumatic Pad Tensioner is employed for processing non-critical surface coil, and a Non-Marking Roll Tensioner is utilized for processing critical surface coil.

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